Stevie Ray Vaughan – Freight Train rhythm part 2!

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Stevie Ray Vaughan – Freight Train rhythm part 2!

Hey everyone, back with some more SRV, rhythm mastery!

Today I am looking at 4 pieces of Stevie’s rhythm playing.

First up we have Scuttle Buttin’, a blistering instrumental record that is as impressive and difficult as it sounds.

Scuttle uses the Em blues scale in open and 2nd position.

I use my index finger to pluck the higher strings but SRV did it all with pick from the videos I have seen.

Tab is below:



The second piece is Tightrope, a funky tune in B that utilizes an interesting 9th chord voicing, and syncopated rhythm.

Check out the tab and also the video at the bottom of the page for more clarity.




Next up we have Couldn’t Stand The Weather, off the album of the same name.  This tune is funky as heck.

Don’t try to play it exact, it is more of a jam.  Get the strumming hand going steady up and down and let your creativity take over.

Finally we have House Is Rocking from SRV’s final album “In Step.”

This is an upbeat blues number in C and utilizes some large stretches. Make sure to warm up with some stretches before tackling this bad boy.

See tab below.

Thanks and enjoy the video below!



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