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Ed is a terrific teacher! I have been taking lessons with Ed for over a year now and I have fully enjoyed the experience. He is knowledgeable, direct, and kind. He is quite good at putting you at ease while also challenging you when needed. You will not be disappointed. – Jason Coolen

Ed is a very thought provoking instructor. The lessons I’ve taken with him has expanded my understanding of music theory and greatly improved my understanding of the guitar. His teaching style is very versatile. He listens to your questions and shows you how best to achieve your goals in a very easy to understand way. For me personally it was a combination of exercises that he thoroughly explained and showed via demonstration and also writing them down in my notebook for home practice. We also worked on difficult passages of music that I struggled with. I recommend Ed to anyone who wishes to become a better guitar player. From beginner to advanced! – Chris Robson

If you are looking for an experienced guitar teacher with the right approach Ed is definitely your #1 choice in Vancouver area. He is very technically skilled but also fluent in music theory. Highly recommend! – Tom Lawreszuk

Ed is super knowledgable, very pattient and focuses on the process on how to be creative not in the rote learning of the minutae of theory only. he can be disciplined or just casual and easygoing according to your learning style.He is enthusiastic about your musical tastes and interests and always has an open ear. The very important process of just jamming can be emphasized if you ask him, which is invaluable. I learned on how to be creative not a technician. I highly reccomend him and he is the best music teacher of several I’ve had. – Hiroshi Kuhn

I have been to so many different teachers over the years and that ended with Ed. Such a fabulous experience and teacher. Highly recommended to anyone. He took a guy with 4 thumbs and taught him how to play guitar! – Lucas P.

Without Ed Sadler I wouldn’t be playing guitar today. Hands down a great experience and an awesome teacher. Learn how to play from a genuine rock star! – Eric Hebert

“The best electric guitar lessons and advice you can wish for, and will give you the confidence you need to be the best that you want to be. “ – Brian Reece

“Eds a great teacher . Makes learning easy and fun !” – Danny Scholten

“Fantastic” – Wade Philips

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