Blues Guitar Soloing Techniques – part 2

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Blues Guitar Soloing Techniques – part 2

Back today with Blues Guitar Soloing Techniques – part 2.

If you have not checked out part 1, please do so by clicking here:

This time I am showing you more must see blues techniques to take the expression of your soloing to another level.

These are the techniques that blues masters like Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King etc. use to make their solos have so much feeling.

So without further adieu here is part 2 of Blues Soloing Techniques with video to follow below:

5. Bends

This technique involves pushing a string up or down to create a new pitch.  It has a very vocal like quality and is a staple technique of every single blues guitarist.  It does involve very specific hand positioning

so please check out the video below for more detail.

Here is an example:

6. Vibrato

Vibrato is another technique that adds a very vocal quality to our playing.  There are different ways to attain a vibrato and I go through a few of them in the video at the bottom of the page.

My personal favorite vibrato is striking a note, bending it up a whole step and then adding the vibrato after a second.  Santana and other guitarists are famous for this.

7. Chords

This technique involves playing 3 or more not chords over the progression. It has a very organ like effect if used correctly and does involve some theory to know what works.

Below I have tabbed out the mixolydian harmony that is used over G dominant 7 chords.  Experiment with these until you come up with some cool stuff.

Alright, below the video is posted for visual examples of these, stay tuned for part 2 of this series.



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