Eddie Van Halen’s (almost) lost Mean Street variation!

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Eddie Van Halen’s (almost) lost Mean Street variation!


Hey everyone welcome to ‘Eddie Van Halen’s (almost) lost Mean Street variation!’

I was listening to the Sunset sound interviews with Dweezil Zappa a while back and heard him speak about a concert in 1981 where Eddie was expanding on his Mean Street intro and that this particular performance in Greensboro was never heard again after that.

I thought it would be cool to teach you guys how to play this variation on Eddie’s mean street theme.

The section Dweezil refers to is under a minute long and has a neat descending passage which, as he says, Eddie had rarely ever done live.

BTW, after I made the teaching video below, a current student of mine sent me a video link to Eddie playing a variation of this variation during another concert in 1981, this time with video. I will post that as well.

In the video below I not only go over how to play the piece, I go over how I achieved the tone as well.

If you would like the tab for this lesson, please send me a donation to my paypal, [email protected] any amount you feel it is worth, and i will send you the tab right over.

I have a ton of other educational vids on Eddie so make sure you check out my other posts on this site.

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