I’ll Be Bach – Guitar lesson

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I’ll Be Bach – Guitar lesson

Hey, today I we are going over a partita for violin on the guitar.

Doing this kind of thing is great for getting new ideas into your guitar playing.  Many well know guitarists take pieces for violin, saxophone and other instruments and adapt them for guitar.  There is no right or wrong way to play them either, so it is a creative endeavor when doing such transpositions to another instrument.

This piece is a wealth of technique and harmony.  It mixes B natural,  melodic, and harmonic minor as well as many arpeggios from all of these.

I like to perform the piece with strict alternate picking so I have best control of dynamics, but feel free to do your own thing with it.  The goal is to get your fingers moving in different ways, and to observe by performance, the genius that is Bach.

Tabulature is included in the video, so enjoy and see you next time.



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