ACDC’s 6 Most Devilish Guitar Riffs

By fearzero Guitar Lessons Comments Off on ACDC’s 6 Most Devilish Guitar Riffs

Hey everyone, in this lesson I run through 6 devilish riffs from Malcolm Young and Angus Young from ACDC and I teach you how to count and play to improve your ability to play in time.

ACDC riffs often have very interesting syncopation (playing on weak beats) that propel them very nicely.

Keep in mind this video was published right before Halloween. 😉

Here are the riffs I go over in this video:

1. Sin City

2. Rock & Roll Damnation

3. Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be

4. Hell’s Bells

5. Highway To Hell

6. Night Prowler

Bonus: Sum Sin For Nuthin’

Tab is included in the actual video below.

Have fun!


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