Yngwie and Vai’s favorite guitarist. Who is it?

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Yngwie and Vai’s favorite guitarist. Who is it?

It is always interesting to find out who your favorite guitarists call their favorite guitarists.

Everyone knows Yngwie and his shredding, baroque era, neoclassical riffs and songs, and certainly Steve Vai’s space guitar flying on a whammy bar sound is as familiar as grandma’s apple pie to most guitar geeks out there, but back in the mid 80s, who did these two firebreathing monsters admire

among their peers?

Eddie Van  Halen?  Well, yes, although Yngwie liked to make fun that Eddie ran away from him whenever they went to the same parties.  Jimmy Page?  Vai has called him one of his faves but I have never seen an Yngwie interview mention him.

So who the heck is the shared, fave guitarist between them?

Yup, it’s Warren Demartini, formerly of the hair band Ratt.

Now I know what you are thinking, why the heck would they consider him a fave?

Well, back in the early and mid 80s, before Ratt and most early 80s bands went kinda soft, Demartini had cutting edge melody, technique and fire in his playing.

In this video I breakdown a portion of the amazing guitar solo to “You’re In Love” by Ratt.

Grab your axe and click the link and dig in, tab is hard coded into the video below.




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