Separate Ways Guitar Solo Lesson

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Separate Ways Guitar Solo Lesson

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me!

Today we are learning “Separate Ways” by the band “Journey,” who are about
to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2017.

Neal Schon, the band’s guitarist, is a bad mofo that can play
with amazing melody, feel, and technical precision and he
does all of that in this solo.  It figures that he was tapped
to play with both Eric Clapton and Santana at the age of 15 (he chose Santana).

Neal plays melody for the first 3/4 of this solo and burns it up
the last few bars for good measure.  There is liberal use of
bending and vibrato and Schon relies strictly on the Em scale
in 2 different positions of the guitar which I have notated for you.

When performing the fast phrase, use strict alternate picking like
Schon to achieve the speed necessary, and observe the fingering I
go into in the video portion of this lesson.

Have fun with this one, it was a fun one to transcribe and play. 🙂


Em Scales For Separate Ways Separate Ways Solo Tabulature
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