Major scale pos 2 solos Jazz vs Rock.

By Ed Sadler Guitar Lessons Comments Off on Major scale pos 2 solos Jazz vs Rock.

Hello there, hopefully you have been woodshedding (practicing for all you noobs) those two C major scale fingerings and exercises that went along with them.

This week I have a couple of solos I improvised using both of those fingerings that I recorded and wrote down in tab to show you the two scales in action. Notice the 3rds right off the top of the jazz solo that I incorporated from the exercise last week. When soloing in any style that has a bluesy element, it is wise to keep the pick moving. You will notice I do this almost constantly. It helps keep the rhythm balanced and allows me to play in time no matter what I decide to do.

Check out the video and tab for the Jazz improvisation solo:


Click to enlarge the tabs.

Okay, now onto the rock version of the solo. This is using the stretchy rock finger pattern. Notice that I snuck the legato exercise into the solo right off the top to show you how it can be done. This one you will need to keep the left hand really relaxed to get the stretches. As always I play the solo at speed then play it slow for you after.

Click to enlarge the tab.

Enjoy and see you next week with some viewer suggestions (tapping and pick harmonics anyone?)

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