Extended A Blues Scale #1 + 3 Licks.

By Ed Sadler Guitar Lessons Comments Off on Extended A Blues Scale #1 + 3 Licks.

Extended A Blues Scale #1 + 3 Licks

Hey everyone, this week we will tackle the extended A blues scale #1 and 3 licks that use the scale. This scale contains portions of pos. 5 of the scale as well as 2 others and is a great way to learn to connect those different scale positions.

Remember, red is the root (starting) point when playing the scale. The blue notes are the “blues” notes of the scale.



Play the scale and licks as written in the tab:

Tab for A blues extended scale licks

Here is the video I made so you can see and hear how to play the scale and licks:

Have fun and check in next week for A blues scale extended #2 and 3 new licks!

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