Learn The Fretboard Part 2

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Learn The Fretboard Part 2

Hey, back again to continue helping you learn the fretboard!

So last time we were naming all the natural notes on the guitar neck using the intervals of half steps and whole steps.

If you missed that lesson, here it is https://vancouverguitarlessons.net/2019/06/02/learn-the-guitar-fretboard-part-1/

This time we are going to take 3 of those 7 notes out and we are left with a 4 note major 7 arpeggio. C major 7 = C E G B.

You will want to start these from the lowest possible note found on each string, meaning not necessarily the root.  Name each note from lowest to highest and all the way back to lowest.  Here is the pattern on the E string.

Do that until it feels comfortable, then try this:

Remember to name the notes out loud while you are looking at the fretboard for maximum absorption into the cranial maximus.  No netflix, no phone, no distractions, just focus on the fretboard and look at the notes as you say them out loud.  Once you are done those two strings, do this on the remaining strings each day until comfortable.  You will be well on your way to learning the fretboard.

For a video demonstration, please see the vid below.  Thanks for checking in and see you soon!



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