5 Legendary Blues Guitarists Riffs

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5 Legendary Blues Guitarists Riffs

Today I am discussing some of the many legendary blues guitarists I have been blessed to hear over the years.

These 5 guitarists are some of the most influential to ever strap on a guitar.  Everyone who is anyone in the rock and blues genres has been influenced by at least a few, if not all of them.

I transcribed these licks and transposed them to the key of A for ease of integration into your playing.   Learn these ideas and put them into as many keys as possible.

Get familiar with riffs in many different positions and fingerings as it is very beneficial for us guitarists to do so with any riffs we learn.

Of particular note is the phrasing used by these guitarists.

In the video I explain how to read the timing on the tabulature I have provided.  I expect you as students to work on this via counting these riffs out.   A firm understanding of 12/8 time and its subdivisions is a necessity to get a firm grasp on how to play blues music.

Below are the 5 riffs tabbed as well as the video component of the lesson.


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