How To Mix Arpeggios Into Your Guitar Playing

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Hey everyone, welcome back!

Tab and video component to this lesson are below.

In this lesson I attempt to demystify making the jump from knowing an arpeggio to actually using it.

I find the best way to actually achieve this is to take licks you are already familiar with and then insert these arpeggios into these licks.  I know it sounds easy, but there are many considerations, not the least of which is, what arpeggios go with what licks?  Well, there is a simple method  you can use that will almost always work and that is, if you are playing over a major triad or even major 7 chord, you can play the minor 7 arpeggio up a major 3rd (2 whole steps) and if you are playing over a minor triad or minor 7 chord you can play a major 7 arpeggio up a minor 3rd (1.5 steps).  Of course there are other arpeggios that will work over these chords but start with this simple method to get you going.

Memorize all your minor blues scales in one key (Am is perfectly good) and start coming up with blues licks around them and inserting the arpeggios I go through in this lesson and before you know it, you will be arping your life away!

If this stuff is beyond your comprehension, lessons with a knowledgeable instructor (cough me cough) one on one  may be in order. 🙂

Good  luck and have fun!

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