My 5 Favorite Hendrix Licks

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My 5 Favorite Hendrix Licks


Hey everyone, just thought I would do a fun lesson this week featuring my personal 5 favorite Hendrix lead guitar solo licks. I didn’t include main theme riffs like the main riff to Purple Haze or Voodoo Chile, this is just the 5 coolest licks in my opinion out of all the Hendrix solos I have learned over the years.

I didn’t have my wah pedal with me this week otherwise I may have included one or two using the wah effect but these should suffice. Lots of bends, notice I use my thumb over the top of the neck when bending and you should too. This gives the bend stability and enables you to do vibrato at the same time. At the end improvised solo, take notice of how I do a vibrato. I bend and hold the note first then begin to apply the vibrato like a blues singer would do. This adds expressiveness. Also of note is lick #3 which I found impossible to write down in the Powertab software accurately. What you do is bend the note with your middle and ring fingers then allow the G string to slip under your 3rd finger and pick it at the top of the bend then release both. I know it seems tough but study the video and see how I do it.

Anyway, enough of me blabbering, onto the music!

Click to enlarge the tab:

Here is the video demonstration. On the first part of the vid I play the licks over a B7 vamp, the second part I show the licks slow and the third section I do a little improvising throwing these licks in here and there.


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