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Private and Semi-Private music lessons for Guitar, Bass, and Vocals with Ed Sadler

Uptempo Music Lessons

Guitar, bass and vocal lessons for adults and children age 8 and up.

Guitar, bass and vocal lessons for adult students and children aged 8 and up.

It’s never too late to learn how to play or sing music and reap the benefits. Music is a great stress reducer and can even increase your IQ according to several studies, so why put off that dream of playing guitar, bass or learning to sing any longer? Spoil yourself, you deserve it!

I’ll show you that learning music need not be all hard work but rather an enjoyable journey. With my lessons you will experience a steady long term improvement with measurable results each week. We will utilize the precious free time you have to practice better and in a way that will have you learning more efficiently than with other instructors out there which in the end will save you money and give you the tools needed to keep progressing with your music for the rest of your life. With my customized music lessons in all styles you will learn to make the music you want, faster, easier, and at an affordable price.

I offer private lessons, group lessons and lessons over webcam via Skype. I have several price points available which I can send you when you give me a shout over on the contact page.

Uptempo Music Lessons

About Ed Sadler

Ed Sadler is a Capilano Jazz diploma grad (with honours) with over 20 years teaching experience.

In addition to over 20 years of performing his music on stages and radio stations across Canada, he is the writer of several highly charting rock songs on the Canadian charts and has had his session work and music featured in major US television shows and movies.

About Ed Sadler

Vocal Lessons For All Ages

Accompany Your Guitar & Bass Experience

If you are anything like me you have a desire to use your voice in a way that showcases it’s best traits. Are you happy with how you sound when you hear your voice back on recording? Do people compliment you on how great your voice is but you feel like you can still do better? Do you have clear goals for what you want your voice to be able to convey when you sing? The only way to developing that voice to the standards you have is consistent practice utilizing the latest in vocal techniques. I have learned much about these techniques in my years of performing, formal education with great vocal coaches and the many books and videos I have studied.

With my vocal lessons you will learn proper breathing techniques like diaphragm release, relaxation and lung expanding exercises. Learn how to increase your range, stamina, learn exercises for better pitch and how to sing and play an instrument at the same time as well as many more tips and tricks I have learned over the years fronting my own rock band. Some of my present and former students are out there right now performing in bands on a nightly basis and they are utilizing the maximum potential they have in their voice. You can too! Get in touch with me via the contact page.