How To Play “Photograph” by Def Leppard

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How To Play “Photograph” by Def Leppard

Hey everyone, welcome back.

Today I am going over how to play the solo to “Photograph” by Def Leppard.

This solo is in the key of E major and the band’s guitarist Phil Collen uses a few interesting techniques in this one.

One is his penchant for melody.

The solo is very singable and the E major pentatonic scale with a  the E major scale in the second half of this short solo.

Also, precise bending to pitch is utilized and that is something you should definitely work on if you are not accurate with your bends.

The last part of the solo is very fast so start in on it slowly and work it up to speed using alternate picking.

All tab is contained in the video.

If you can master this solo, it will help you construct your own melodic solos for sure.

Thanks for reading, video is below.


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