#1 Way To Improve Your Guitar Groove!

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#1 Way To Improve Your Guitar Groove!

Hey everyone, today I am going to show you the number one way to improve your guitar groove.

What I mean by groove is, your ability to play in time.

Guitarists are notorious for focusing on scales, arpeggios, and chord voicings, and not spending enough practice time on timing. Of course, time is half of all music.  It is crucial for the beginning student to get a handle on time as this is the basis for having the ability to play with others.

Watch the video and you will see my system for learning to count which I developed over the years.  This system allows you to make up your own rhythms without having to learn to read music.  However, I do recommend you do so if you have the patience.

So follow my instructions in the video below, and you will be well on your way to getting your groove together.

Once you are able to count through a rhythm while playing, try using a metronome while playing the rhythm.

There are dozens of free apps available for your phone.



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