“Now That We’re Dead” By Metallica, Solo Lesson

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“Now That We’re Dead” By Metallica, Solo Lesson

Hey everyone, this week I take apart the solo from the latest Metallica single, “Now That We’re Dead.” This solo is a rocker utilizing the E blues and E dorian scales with plenty of wild and crazy tremolo bar work. I have transcribed the solo and I have provided a few of the scales that Kirk Hammet uses in this piece.

In the video, when I mention techniques to keep the tremolo bar in tune, I also meant to say that a graphite nut and string trees (if you have string trees) are a good idea to keep those parts slippery so the strings don’t catch.

When working on this piece, try to get the feel as Kirk’s playing is pushing ahead of the beat, known as “rubato.” He does this to add a sense of urgency to the solo and it works well.

If you decide you want to count parts of this, all the time is meticulously captured in the music I transcribed. It is a bit tricky rhythm-wise, but if you have patience and know how to read music, you should be able to figure it out. If not, give me a call!

Check out the video and the scales and the transcription below for this Metallica masterpiece:



Have fun with this, it was fun to transcribe and is a great introduction to hard rock soloing for guitar.

Catch up with you next time!

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