Hybrid Picking For Guitar Noobs!

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Hybrid Picking For Guitar Noobs!

Hey, long time no see everyone. This lesson is dedicated to hybrid picking. This technique involves using a pick and one or more fingers to pick the guitar. This technique can be used for chords, or lead guitar lines. The focus of this lesson is lead guitar, and I have included 2 exercises and 3 licks to help get you started using this technique. Licks are in the key of B dominant or minor and can be easily transposed to other keys once mastered.

Below is the PDF of the tabulature/music notation the video “Hybrid Picking For Noobs,” along with the video component of the lesson itself.




If you want to learn the intro I perform part of in this video,
that is a separate lesson called “Hybrid Picking Lesson – Etude For Guitar.”

Thanks for checking this lesson out!

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