Scalebusters #1

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Scalebusters #1

This week I have some scalebusters for you to break out of the major scale rut you have been in. We are going to do what are called 3rds.

A 3rd is an interval. An interval is the distance, measured in half steps and whole steps from one note to another. Playing 3rd intervals basically means that whatever note is played first, the next will be 3 letters away. For example, C then E, D then F, E then G and so on. There are minor 3rds and major 3rds. The C major scale I am demonstrating with contains both types of 3rds.

In the first part of the video I am playing plain 3rds. This is an okay exercise to bust you out of the major scale but I have included an alternate way to play 3rds.

Alternating 3rds is a bit more hip. In this exercise you will play up a 3rd then down a 3rd all through the scale.

Do both of these exercises with downstrokes first to memorize the left hand fingering. Once you have that down you can try alternate picking like I do in the video.


If this concept of intervals is confusing, see some of my past lessons which have covered this topic.

Below is the scale diagram from which I am drawing the intervals:

Click to enlarge the diagram


Memorize this scale with all downstrokes first then try alternate picking. After you are adept at the scale, then you are ready to tackle 3rds.

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C major scale 3rds

Have fun and see you next week with a new scalebuster!

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