Using Stop Time, Plus A Green Day Riff!

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Using Stop Time, Plus A Green Day Riff!



Happy New Year everyone, glad to be back at the blog here!


This week I want you to use the info I have provided so far on practicing chords, learning the fretboard, and stop time all in this one lesson. If you don’t know what I am talking about, go back and review the lessons from a few weeks ago.

In the following music I have written out, you should play these chords using roots on the E and A strings, barre chords that we learned last month. G chord is fret 3 root on string 6, D chord is fret 5 root on string 5, Em chord is fret 7 root on string 5 and finally C chord is fret 3 root on string 5.

Click to enlarge:

Practice the chord changes in the first diagram over and over. I want you to hit the open strings on the guitar between chords, it is good practice to get the speed of the change happening. Once you get the switching down at a decent tempo, try playing the Green Day riff. Counting would be a great way to make sure you understand how the rhythm should be played.

If you need help, refer to the video and how I play it but don’t use this as a crutch, please try to understand the diagrams and symbols and what they mean because down the line we are going to be using these symbols a lot and you will get lost if you don’t comprehend them so memorize what they mean and what they sound like.

Good luck and check back for the new lesson next week!

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